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The Labour Of Love

My emotions that run riot, my memories both vivid and faint, all that i have seen and i am yet to see,
my thoughts that keep me from sleeping
and those that allow my eyes to rest,
my friends that make me laugh
and those that i have shed a tear for,
my family that are my anchor that prevent me casting adrift,
and loved ones that will forever remain in my heart,
are, and will always be,
the inspiration for my work.


1 Image
Skull Ring

Ornate Skull ring available in Silver/Silver and Diamond and Gold and Diamonds.
Also available in custom stone and metal combinations, please contact us for details.
2 Image
Heart and Scroll Rings

Left and right hand rings available in sterling silver
6 Image
Ribbon Ring

Delicate ribbon ring, one size fits all available in Solid gold and sterling silver.
3 Image
Smokey Soul Ring

Large smokey quartz (approx. 33 x 22mm) set in large double gallery, sterling silver split claw setting on a triple banded shank.
15 Image
Smokey Soul Necklace

Large smokey quartz (approx. 33 x 22mm) set in large double gallery setting hung from a heavyweight sterling silver chain.
14 Image
Coarse and Smooth Feather Necklace

Heavyweight sterling silver Coarse Feather on black cord with silver clasp and a finer sterling silver Smooth feather also on black cord with a silver clasp.
12 Image
Bones Bracelet

Sterling silver bone link bracelet available in various lengths.
13 Image
Bones Necklace

Sterling silver bone link necklace, comes without a clasp as standard unless requested.
11 Image
Lownesome Swallows Necklaces

Both Left and Right single sterling silver swallows in flight.
16 Image
Entwinede Swallows Necklace

Two swallows in flight entwined to create a single sterling silver necklace
8 Image
Spitfire Necklace

A large sterling silver spitfire on a long sterling silver chain
4 Image
Scroll Ring

Sterling silver band with some deep relief scroll work.
5 Image
Scroll ID Bracelet

A heavyweight sterling silver ID bracelet decorated with heavy relief scroll work.
7 Image
I Can Necklace

A sterling silver minature spray can on a fine sterling silver chain.
9 Image
The One Necklace

5 sterling silver dripping hearts on a fine sterling silver chain
10 Image
Clown Skull

A skull with bowler hat and round nose on a round linked chain, available in both solid gold and sterling silver.